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IFA Paris's faculty is composed of subject-matter experts and supported by adjunct lecturers who are active practitioners in their specialties. To enable students to achieve their best results, the IFA Paris faculty addresses the individual needs of each student. Beyond sharing their extensive experience and teaching students the requisite theory and technical skills, our instructors also pass on invaluable personal traits: enthusiasm, passion and confidence.
Navavit  Luangvipat
“This program is the first among its kind. It focuses on luxury brand management and the courses take place in Bangkok, Thailand. I enjoyed the opportunity to study in 3 major luxury-endowed cities like Shanghai, Paris and Bangkok because of the multicultural context I had the chance to learn about various cultural aspects and also the program is intensive enough to be completed within a year. Overall, I think this school is a good return for money I believe I have made the right decision studying at Luxellence Center.”
IFA Paris\'s MBA Luxury Brand Management Graduate Class 2013.
Navavit Luangvipat
Teera  Rojanapiensathit
“I felt at the beginning towards my classmates in the mba luxury brand management program that we had to adapt ourselves to each other since we all came from different background, but afterward we became close like a family and supported each other which helped me a lot preventing me from being homesick while studying abroad.”
IFA Paris\'s MBA Luxury Brand Management Graduate Class 2013.
Teera Rojanapiensathit
Pansupa  Inkaew
"My experiences after studying in 3 countries are first, to have gained lot of knowledge regarding brand history and secondly, to learn about luxury brand marketing concepts that I never had the chance to learn. Staying together for the entire year made all of us, very close until today." IFA Paris`s MBA Luxury Brand Management Graduate Class 2013.
Pansupa Inkaew
Kannuma  Kiatsongsak
"The best insight I got from ifa paris/luxellence program was the knowledge about luxury brand management that i had learned throughout the entire studies in Shanghai, Paris and Bangkok. I made many great friends and I am very glad of having been part of this program.
IFA Paris`s MBA Luxury Brand Management Graduate Class 2013."
Kannuma Kiatsongsak
Namoan  Jirawongsy
“I had seen the world under various aspects having the chance of studying in 3 different cities. I love studying in Paris the most, but Bangkok is the most familiar city to me since it is my hometown. I felt closer to Thai instructors rather than instructors in Shanghai and Paris.”
IFA Paris\'s MBA Luxury Brand Management Graduate Class 2013.
Namoan Jirawongsy
Kritchasert  Kingkaew
"I enjoyed various company visits arranged by luxellence center, especially the one where we went to the crystal wine glass brand called Lucaris as part of the Ocean Glass Company. I like the arrangement that they had prepared for us especially the wine tasting part." IFA Paris`s MBA Luxury Brand Management Graduate Class 2013.
Kritchasert Kingkaew