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Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality

The concept of luxury brand management has become increasingly inspirational across different industry sectors. This module will give participants in-depth understanding of the best practices and success factors of luxury brands and most importantly what lessons can be applied in the hotel and hospitality industry in terms of luxury branding and luxury service/experience delivery.

The first part will consist in an in-depth analysis of the concept of luxury, the evolving behavior and expectations of luxury consumers and the foundations of luxury brand management. The largest part will focus on the luxury hospitality sector and will give the participants a mix of tools and tips to strengthen their marketing strategies but also enhance operationally the perceived value or dream factors of their activity, in particular in terms of luxury branding and luxury guest experience

Key Learning Points

  • Participants will learn how to enhance and reinforce luxury brand uniqueness and differentiation with the concept of DNA & codes.
  • Participants will understand how luxury brands manage their dream and desirability factors to remain relevant to evolving consumer cultures. 
  • Participants will learn how to decode the different facets and representations of the luxury concept, the cultural foundations of luxury service and how the meaning of luxury service and luxury experience has evolved over the years and across cultures but also generations and how it is impacted by technology and digital.
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