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Luxury Digital Marketing


A Three-day workshop that aims at helping luxury and premium brand Managing Directors and Senior Management understand how to navigate the digital disruptions in order to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by internet, E-commerce, M-commerce & S-Commerce, Social Media, Digital marketing at large.

This workshop will combine concepts and theoretical approach with many recent case studies, illustrative examples, best but also worse practices.

It will offer an innovative approach that integrates all digital disruption in a global and integrated way, while taking into consideration the necessity to adapt to local e-commerce and digital eco-systems.

Key Learning Points

  • Participants will understand how to take full advantage of all the digital touch points that are now available to luxury brands, both on-line channels but also on-line communication tools.
  • Participants will be given toolbox to optimize the use and integration of all off-line and on-line touch points with regards to developing awareness, engagement and ultimately sales and loyalty.
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