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IFA Paris MBA Luxury Brand Management
IFA Paris MBA Luxury Brand Management in Shanghai, Paris and Bangkok in cooperation with Luxellence Center

A higher-level education program developed for those who aim to develop skills and understanding necessary to manage luxury brands and companies, designed for participants who already manage luxury brands and companies or soon will be doing so.

The “MBA Luxury Brand Management” program is a 15-month intensive course, conducted entirely in English in three existing and important luxury-endowed business centers: Shanghai, Paris and Bangkok.

IFA Paris - Paris Campus is acknowledged to be the top institution fostering the fashion and luxury world. Under a “fashion birthplace, 6 months in Paris is where you will experience the induction into the sumptuous and the majestic, past till present day, understanding historical values of cultures steeped in luxury experience. Here we shall set your minds towards the prestige marketplace. You will come face to face with professionals with time-honored working expertise in the field of luxury brand boutiques: YSL, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, etc., they will guide you through the deepest understanding of their work regime.

IFA Paris - Shanghai Campus is an open and extroverted metropolis, ranked the world’s largest market of luxury and high-end fashion products. Expected to soon be ranked the first in the world in the luxury consumer market, Shanghai is the important future step where you’ll learn the strategies to develop brands globally.

With rapid growth of the luxury retail industry, and upcoming AEC in 2018, Bangkok is well positioned to become the hub, to provide well-equipped knowledge and the broad global networking environment necessary to connect with all major cities around the world.

With a strong will to implement the brand management skills, curriculum and courses provided by Luxellence Center you will be always up-to-date and aware of the global market in this exclusive products and services segment, to ensure that you will enjoy advantageous knowledge to stand ahead of any competitor.

The course is a well-structured curriculum which consists of luxury foundation, core studies of luxury brand management, and training projects in ranges of specializations including fashion, cosmetics, jewelry & watches, wine, technology, etc.

For more Information, please contact Ajarn Kwanta at 02-648-2941

Classes at IFA Paris - Shanghai Campus, China
TERM 1 : October 2017 - January 2018 (12 weeks)
TERM 2 : January 2018 - April 2018 (12 weeks)

Classes at IFA Paris - Paris Campus, France
TERM 3 : May 2018 - July 2018 (12 weeks)
TERM 4 : September 2018 - November 2018 (12 weeks)

Classes at LUXELLENCE CENTER, Bangkok, Thailand
TERM 5 : December 2018 - March 2019 (12 weeks)

NUMBER OF HOURS : 2,300 hours


INTAKE : October 2017

NUMBER OF STUDENTS : Limited to 25 students per class

CREDENTIALS : Upon satisfactory completion of the entire program, students receive an MBA diploma in Luxury Brand Management issued by IFA Paris accredited by IDEL (Europe) as an "International Masters."


TUITION FEE : 15,800 Euro


Lectures : Lectures are designed to challenge students by exposing them to the inner workings of the luxury industry as it operates today. The lecturers will lead students through valuable in-class activities and encourage discussion in order to have fruitful and engaging interactions.
Self-Study : Self-study is a pre-requisite at postgraduate level that supports autonomy and personal management. Students will be asked to do preparation work in order to make the most out of each session. Throughout the course, students will have to complete a set of learning activities to gain full understanding of the topics studied in class. Self-study will be actively supported by our Learning Management System (LMS).
Capstone Project : The Capstone Project is an integrative experience in which students bring together much of the knowledge and skills they acquire and develop while on their course. The Capstone experience is student-directed, meaning that students take responsibility for identifying and defining a problem to work on, developing the approach and methods needed to address the problem, carrying out the investigation independently, and presenting findings in both oral and written forms for examination.
Industry Visits : During the course, students may have the opportunity to work on industry sponsored projects in cooperation with international brands, attend fashion events and master-classes in luxury services, listen to prestigious speakers, and visit leading brand stores, design studios and factories. Reflective thinking and writing will be required from students in order to make the most out of such experiences for their personal development.
Student Workload : The weekly student workload amounts to 40 - 45 hours a week. It breaks up into 20 hours of lectures on average and at least the same amount of time in personal and extra-curricular activities including readings, case studies, research, projects and visits.

Foundation Workshop in Shanghai

Principles of Marketing
Quantitative Research Approaches
Accounting Principles
Working Methodology
Project Management

Term 1 / 12 Weeks in Shanghai*

Anthropology of Luxuy
Trend Forecast
Strategic Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Hospitality (Seminar)
Cosmetics and Perfume (Seminar)

Term 2 / 12 Weeks in Shanghai*

Macro Environment applied to the Luxury Sector
Micro Environment applied to the Luxury Sector
Cult of Luxury in Emerging Markets
Gastonomy and Oenology (Seminar)
Luxury Concepts

Term 3 / 12 Weeks in Paris*

Finace for Managers
Buying and Merchandising
Business Planning
Distribution Strategies
Haute Couture (Seminar)
Sustainable Luxury

Term 4 / 12 Weeks in Paris*

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
Web Strategies for Luxury Brands
Visual Merchandising
Sensorial Marketing
Luxury Watch Making (Seminar)

*Modules are subject to minor change without prior notice.

Term 5 / 12 Weeks in Bangkok

Capstone Project
Conferences / Industry Visits

Korsak Chairasmisak

Current Position: Chief Executive Officer,
CP ALL Public Company Limited and
President, Thai Watch Lover’s Club

Charn Srivikorn

Current Position: Chairman, Gaysorn
Land Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Kriengsak Tantiphipop

Current Position: Executive Chief
Marketing Officer, Siam Paragon
Development Co., Ltd. and Senior
Managing Director, Emporium Shopping
Complex Co., Ltd.

Dr. Chartchai Norasethaporn

Current Position: Vice President Human
Resources, Central Marketing Group
Co., Ltd.

Masato Yamada

Current Position: Managing Director,
Shiseido Professional (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Phumiphan Bunjapamai

Current Position: Phumiphan Bunjapamai
Current Position: Director, TKI Group

Danai Sorakraikitikul

Current Position: Managing Director,
A-List Corporate Ltd.
Work experience: Alfred Dunhill, Jimmy
Choo, Disaya, Boudoir by Disaya and
Something Boudoir

John Hawkins

Current Position:
Chairman, John Howkins
& Associates and Author of best-seller
The Creative Economy

Dr.Soipetch Resanond

Current Position: Director, Baechtold
Work experience: Corum, Century Swiss,
Cadeaux Jewelry, Fabergé, Delance,
Ventura, Christian Dior and Hermes
Watches, Bally and Parfumerie Douglas
(Perfumery and Cosmetics)

Kusuma Chaiyaporn

Current Position: Editor in Chief, L'Officiel Thailand
Work experience: L’Officiel Thailand,
Bazaar Thailand, ELLE Thailand and
Madame Figaro Thailand

Adile Cretallaz

Graduated from:
LaSalle College International,
International Coach Academy,
Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich
and University of Strasbourg
Work experience:
Accor, ITT Sheraton,
Intercontinental, Chanel, Tod’s, Bulgari

Amelie Mongrain

Graduated from:
University of Ottawa and
LaSalle College International
Work experience:
LaSalle DHU, Pierre
Cardin, Berghaus and Allegri. Since
2004, she is the owner and Head of
Operations for DSM Research.

Christopher Goss

Graduated from: Melbourne University
Victorian, RMIT University Melbourne,
Western Metropolitan College of TAFE,
Work experience: Raffles Design Institute,
Jiao Tong University, Wonderful Earthr

Geraldine Blanche

Graduated from: University Paris X-Nanterre, George Washington University
Law School and from the Haute Ecole
des Avocats Conseils (HEDAC)
Work experience: L’Oréal, Baker &
McKenzie, Arrendt & Medernach and
Richemont group

Laetitia Jacquetton

Graduated from: ESMOD and HEC
Work experience: Sharon Wauchob,
Maison Mar t in Margiea, Chantel le
Group, La Redoute and Recats

Mark Greiz

Graduated from:
University of Hawaii
Work experience:
Dashing Diva Nail
Care, Nue Shoes, Sephora,Tusk and

Morgan Bonnard

Work experience:
Hachette Filipacchi,
Amazing Publication Ltd China and
Arobase Communication

Minh Tuan Khuu

Graduated from:
LaSalle College Internationaland HEC
Work experience:
Founder / owner ofKR8TE Design & Consulting Co.

Michel Malard

Graduated from:
Chambre Syndicale de
la Haute Couture Parisienne
Work experience:
Cardin, Lapidus,
Devanlay Levi’s, Itochi and Premiere

Samuel Ng

Work experience:
Essilor, Ferrari, Maserati
Cars, HP, Bayer HealthCare, Dresdner,

Tove Johansson

Graduated from: Central Saint Martins
College of Art and Design
Work experience: Rosetta, Top Shop,
Christian Lacroix

What is the difference between the MBA Luxury Brand Management at IFA Paris and the one in cooperation with Luxellence in Bangkok?

The program in cooperation with Luxellence allows you to gain more knowledge of the Thai luxury industry while still have the opportunity to gain the essentials of Paris and Shanghai. By doing the program through Luxellence, graduates will be assisted locally with their job search and career. Graduates will also be able to take advantage of IFA Placement and Alumni services. The content will generally be the same as IFA Paris is providing its content to Luxellence in Bangkok through its Learning Management System LMS. Graduates will obtain the same MBA certificate as if they pursue the program entirely at IFA Paris. Spending some time in Bangkok instead of entirely overseas may also make sense for personal reasons: local commitment, family, financial and so on.

Why choose IFA Paris to pursue an education in Luxury?

1. IFA Paris is committed to providing aspiring luxury professionals with the skills and attitude necessary to become leaders in international fashion and luxury companies.
2. Innovative and rigorous programs that integrate theory and practice.
3. The opportunity to study in Paris and Shanghai.
4. A faculty with outstanding related experiences.
5. A Placement Office to assist alumni with career growth and job opportunities.
6. All programs are taught in English in Shanghai, Paris and Bangkok.
7. Relevant industry projects, guest lectures, and access to the World Global Style Network, the leading online fashion trend-analysis and research service.

Why choose to study in Paris?

Paris holds a special place at the top of the fashion and luxury world. As fashion’s birthplace, it gave the world some of its most renowned designers and fashion houses and remains the place where the new generations of fashion designers live and work. The specific Parisian feel for fashion extends beyond the bounds of the industry and into the city’s films, art galleries, museums, theaters and street life.
While Paris undoubtedly has a distinguished fashion and luxury history, its present and future are just as compelling. Paris still lays claim to being the world’s fashion capital and is able to prove it with important fashion events such as its twice-yearly fashion week, fairs and trade shows, fascinating concept stores, and industry leading trend agencies. Major luxury groups such as LVMH, PPR and companies like Boucheron, Cartier and Baccarat all have headquarters located in Paris. In recent history, Paris has turned almost every part of its economy into luxury through fashion, jewelry, beauty care as well as gastronomy, wine and travel. Paris remains an essential stop for young fashion and luxury professionals who wish to understand where fashion came from and where it is going.

Why choose to study in Shanghai?

While reasons to decide to pursue studies in Paris for anyone interested in fashion are obvious, choosing Shanghai as a study destination also offers many advantages. China is without a doubt the fastest growing market of fashion and luxury products in the world, consequently, overseas companies and brands are now interested in hiring professionals with experience in China and with Chinese connections.
Shanghai, in particular, has become a flourishing fashion and luxury capital, with worldwide high-end brands wanting to organize their glamorous parties, fashion shows, and retrospective exhibitions. Foreign fashion brands will progressively aim their collection exclusively within the Chinese market to a point where they will potentially shift their design team to China.

Is IFA Paris a registered school?

IFA Paris is registered at the Academie de Paris under the Ministry of Youth, Education and Research as a private higher education institution and is also listed on Campus France, the French national agency for the promotion of higher education.

Are IFA MBA certificates recognized worldwide?

IFA Paris’s certificates and quality of education are recognized worldwide. Graduates are hired by French and international fashion companies from around the world. Additionally, most fashion schools in Europe and America have accepted our graduates to pursue further studies.

Do students need to speak French or Chinese to be admitted into the program?

As the entire program is taught in English, French and/or Chinese are not required to be admitted. Nevertheless, in order to enjoy even more Paris and Shanghai, speaking the local languages always help. Most of our students do not speak French or Chinese upon arriving at IFA Paris.

What does the online exam consist of? How can student prepare?

The exam is made of multiple choices and open ended questions covering 2 areas: luxury culture and business/management. The exam has a time limit of two hours. There is no particular preparation as the test is based on your current knowledge. It will be done online on our Learning Management System. We will provide you with a list usernames and passwords.

How will student take interviews?

The interview will take place via Skype with an admission team member of IFA Paris. The focus of the interview will be on student`s motivation to enroll the MBA Luxury Brand Management or MBA Fashion Business program.

How many students are accepted per intake?

There should be no more than 24 students. A small number of students allow better communication and interaction with the instructors. It is also easier to organized projects with a small group.

What type of background will my classmates have?

Most of the admitted students have marketing, management, communication, media, psychology, law and design education background.
On average students are about 25 years old and have worked for about 3 years and a large share of them focused in the fashion/luxury industry.

What does the tuition cover?

The tuition fee only covers the cost of education, which includes access to the Learning Management System, lectures given by instructors, visits and presentations from the industry, academic materials, classroom space and reading materials. Tuition fee does not cover a student’s airplane ticket(s), accommodation and personal expenses during the program including photocopy and printing fees, transportation for visits, visa application fees for any study location or delivery fees of any administrative documents to be received.

How much do I need to live in Paris and Shanghai?

In Paris, foreign students need at least 1,200 Euros a month while in Shanghai, about 9,000 Rmb will be enough to live comfortably. Keep in mind that spending habits vary from person to person.

Do students have time to find a part-time job?

While in Paris, foreign students are allowed to work up to 21 hours a week. In Shanghai, foreign students can’t legally work but can get involved in various projects or freelance work.

What kind of work can I do after the MBA Luxury Brand Management?

Most of our graduates have the ability to pursue careers in a great deal of different positions including as Brand Manager, Communication & Events Manager, Strategic Marketing Analyst, Marketing Communication Manager, Product Development Manager, Retail Network Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Buyer or Store Manager.

Will Luxellence Center assist students to find a job after graduation?

Luxellence Center is available to assist our students and graduates who are looking for internships or job opportunities. Most of the opportunities are located in Thailand, China and France, nevertheless, IFA Paris does have relationships with companies in other countries as well. Consequently, Luxellence Center will assist actively assist the graduates to find job locally through its network.