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Dr. Thitiporn Sanguanpiyapan<br/>Executive Director, LUXELLENCE CENTER

The program was initiated to create a unique environment for people with like-mindedness (people having the same views or ideas) that from research, it is now considered perfect timing to approach the Luxury Market, due to the tremendous growth in personal incomes of persons within this social segment.

Obviously, it can already be seen from careful observation of the current and future China consumer market that this specific, exciting consumer group will continue to strongly grow prosperous.

Luxellence was created to become the center of Luxury Knowledge, providing education and highly expert consultancy. Through global collaboration with the top luxury brand institution and multiple exclusive brands, this institution will create a rich source of broad and valuable knowledge.

Drawing on acclaimed experience from three specific countries will enhance your understanding of the luxury sector: French heritage, combined with the volatility of the Shanghai emerging market and Bangkok’s extensive networking structure, Luxellence shall equip its participants with the ability to make strategic and correct management decisions to develop brands on a global scale.

Here you will find yourself fully immersed in the World of Luxury.

Dr. Thitiporn Sanguanpiyapan,
Executive Director, LUXELLENCE CENTER